Ray of Illuminati
ESTi - Ray of Illuminati

ESTi - Ray of Illuminati

Composer ESTi
Genre Euro Dance
Visualizer(s) Tari, Eter, ECO (Online)
KIMYS, D (Technika 2)
BPM 150
Length 2:07
Debut DJMAX Online
Last Seen DJMAX Technika Q
Ray of Illuminati is a Euro Dance song first featured in DJMAX Online.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other VersionsEdit

There are no distinct remixes are adaptations of Ray of Illuminati, but it was shortened to 1:42 in DJMAX Technika 2 and onwards.



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Online RayofIlluminatiONLINE1 RayofIlluminatiONLINE2 RayofIlluminatiONLINE3 RayofIlluminatiONLINE4
Trilogy RayofIlluminatiTRILOGY1 RayofIlluminatiTRILOGY2 RayofIlluminatiTRILOGY3 RayofIlluminatiTRILOGY4 RayofIlluminatiTRILOGY5 RayofIlluminatiTRILOGY6 RayofIlluminatiTRILOGY7
Technika 2 RayofIlluminatiTECHNIKA2-1



  • Ray of Illuminati received a new BGA in DJMAX Technika 2.


Ray of Illuminati on Cypher Gate

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