Info Detail
First recorded version DJMAX Respect
Music bermei.inazawa
Lyric foolen
Vocal foolen
background SINBARU (won), SR (won), AJ (motion graphics)
genre Polypops
BPM 174


If I would shed my tears in this daunting fantasy

many of them call reality

if i would loose my name to this senselessness

i'd seek truth in reverse side or insanity

unleash the giants loosen the horse

fill up the seas

set the serpents alive

define the heights

behold your sight for those windmills

let them run again


cause i would fight

let it be the cold rain

be it battle i cannot survive

or another cursed spirit come from the tide

every morning

every night

my fate confined

beyond the hills

upon the bridge

across this strange life

those devils never break out of their great disguise


so i would fight

another song another falsely refined

those rambling words they pressed upon my soul

every inch i march towards

the fatal sight

against the winds

against the lights

i shall conquer thine

cause when you stop to dream

you whole heart too gives in to life