Proposed, Flower, Wolf
ReX - Proposed, Flower, Wolf

ReX - Proposed, Flower, Wolf

Composer ReX
Genre Piano Ballad
Visualizer(s) D
BPM 80
Length 2:05
Debut DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition
Last Seen DJMAX Technika Q
Proposed, Flower, Wolf is a Piano Ballad song first featured in DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other VersionsEdit

A Chinese version of the song exists in Chinese versions of DJMAX Technika 3. An acoustic version of the song can also be found on DJMAX Portable Black Square's OST. Proposed, Flower, Wolf Part 2 is the sequel to this song.



흩어진 바람의 숨결
가려진 낯선 태양
어디 있는가 외쳐 보아도
메아리 쳐 돌고 돌아와

잊혀진 기억 그리운 향기

애타게 찾아온 이름에
사라져 가시 돋친 마음 내 영혼
하지만 다시 기억해 바람의 저 노래를
영혼의 숨결

감춰져 버린 마음에
한없이 잊고 잃어버려도 그 땐 몰랐었던 나
깨어버릴 듯 널 찾지 못할까
내 맘의 숲


青枫树 叶轻轻飘落
风吹来 你的气息
心思念萦绕 温柔的呼唤
山崖的鲜花 幸福的魔法

冰封的 雪岳山麓 雪漫天飞舞
聆听着 我虔诚祝福 艰险无数也征服

点亮了 希望的灯烛
泪光里 越来越清晰你的笑容

被爱是幸福 是闭上眼依偎




  • This is the translation of the text that appears in the beginning of Proposed, Flower, Wolf's music video:
Grandmother: So, will you propose to her? For generations, members of our tribe who want to get married give the woman a flower for a proposal.
Hea: Where do I obtain this flower?
Grandmother: The wolf lives in the north tower. If you kill the wolf, the flower will blossom from its heart.
Hea: I'm going to get the flower.


Proposed, Flower, Wolf on Cypher Gate

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