Nauts - EGG

Nauts - EGG

Composer Nauts
Genre Light Pop
Visualizer(s) Armcho, HooN
Vocals ZeeN
BPM 176
Length 2:01
Debut DJMAX Technika 3
Last Seen DJMAX Technika Q
EGG is a Light Pop song first featured in DJMAX Technika 3.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other VersionsEdit

A playable extended mix was featured in DJMAX Technika 3.


Korean English
헝클어진 나ᄋ의 마음여

작은 휴식 갖기위해 찾아간 바다

I went to the sea to find a little solace for my tangled heart
내려앉던 나의 가슴은

깊고깊은 터널을 빠져나가자

As my sunken heart exited the deep deep tunnel
나를 반기는 투명한 공기

취해버렸어 검은고독 불안함은 날아가고

The transparent air welcomed me and all my dark loneliness and anxiety flew away
일어설 힘이 좀 남아있다면

조금씩 뛰어도 나쁘지는 않잖아

If you have the strength to stand up, it won't hurt to start running a bit
이제껏 한 순간에 터질 것만 같던 날

속삭이몌 부드럽게 잡아주는 바다
모든걱정 파도에 맡겨두고 Everything's Gonna be Good

The sea that whispered me to calmness
Leave everything to the waves and everything's gonna be good
하얀 안개를 뒤덮은 들판에 선 열차

그 속에서 난 다시 외쳐본다 Everything's Gonna be Good Oh Yeah

I shout again in a train that stand in a wide plain covered by white fog
Everything's gonna be good, oh yeah
This is my new story





  • During the Christmas Special Mission in DJMAX Technika 3, there was a glitch on the NM chart that made it impossible to Max Combo or Perfect Play the song.


EGG on Cypher Gate