Hello, fellow editors! Here on the DJMAX Wiki, we expect all users to follow our community guidelines in order to make the community a better place. If you have any questions, please ask an admin. MissingNo. is the only admin here.

Editing EtiquetteEdit

Edits of any size are accepted on the DJMAX Wiki. However, please be aware that you do not "own" your edits, and that they can be changed at will without your permission. Of course, if you add substantial information, you shouldn't have to worry about your content getting removed! However, we do not tolerate spam, offensive content, nonsensical content, etc. on articles or comments. These actions will have consequences. Please visit the page detailing our policy on this sort of behavior. Other punishable acts relating to edits include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing perfectly fine content
  • Plagiarism
  • Altering source code with malicious intent
  • Editing template pages


To ensure the health of the DJMAX Wiki community, we ask that all users be kind towards others. Be supportive! Offensive stereotyping, racial slurs, insults of any kind, and negative behavior are not allowed on the DJMAX Wiki and the admins can and will issue consequences should this ever happen. See our policy on bans for how we dictate the punishment.

Final NotesEdit

  • You do not need expertise in English to add information on the wiki. Other users will be glad to correct any mistakes you might make.
  • If you want to become admin, just ask me. I will examine your contributions. However, please note that I do not guarantee you will become an admin.
  • See our chat guidelines.
  • See the community guidelines on Wikia Community Central.
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