Chat is a great way to make new friends and talk to others in the community! However, please note that there are rules to chat. Chat is a privilege, not a right, and it can be taken away from you.

General RulesEdit

  • While DJMAX games may exhibit some mildly adult themes, please note that this site is family-friendly. Swearing is not allowed on the chat, nor is it allowed anywhere else on the wiki.
  • Do not place malicious links in the chat. You must specify where the link leads to, or at least make it obvious. Links to inappropriate or dangerous pages are not allowed.
  • No bullying, spamming, insulting, or anything that may hurt others feelings. The community is based on friendliness, and negative or malicious behavior will be punished.
  • Offenses are not limited to what is listed here. If you exhibit behavior that is considered against the rules, offensive or malicious, then no hesitation will be made to make bans. See our policy on bans here.

Final NotesEdit

  • See our Community Guidelines here.
  • See our policy on bans here.
  • See Wikia Community Central's chat guidelines here.
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