DJMAX Technika Tune

DJMax Portable Technika Tune cover

DJMAX Technika Tune Box
Director(s) Planetboom
Publisher(s) Pentavision(SK)
Pentavision Global(NA)
Designer(s) XeoN
Platform PSVita
Release Date(s) 20 September 2012(SK)
20 September 2012(HK)
27 September 2012 (JP)
4 December 2012(NA)

DJMax Technika Tune is a music game for the PlayStation Vita published and developed by Pentavision Studio in South Korea, and is an adaptation of the earlier DJMax Technika arcade game series.[3]


The PlayStation Vita version will feature a new play style to the arcade version, utilising both the front touchscreen and rear touchpad, as well as the return of OST and M/V modes. The port is announced to have more songs than any of the earlier DJMax Portable games.[5] The US version of the game will contain 67 individual music tracks.[9]

Game Mode Edit

DJMax Technika Tune introduces 4 modes for single player. The gameplay utilises a 3-note track.

Star Mixing Edit

Star Mixing is a beginner mode identical to the Lite Mixing mode in the original arcade version of DJMax Technika (prior to the large note patch). The game allows the player to play using the touchscreen, and the long, repeat and repeat long notes will not appear in this mode. The charts in Freestyle mode are called STAR charts.

Pop Mixing Edit

Pop Mixing is an amateur mode identical to the Popular Mixing in the original arcade game. The game allows the player to play using the touchscreen exclusively, or both the touchscreen and rear pad. The charts in Freestyle mode are called POP charts.

Club Mixing Edit

Club Mixing is an advanced mode identical to the Club Mixing in the DJMax Technika 2 and DJMax Technika 3 arcade games. The game will allow the player to select 3 songs to play, and a Boss Stage track will be selected at the end in the same manner as the arcade games. Within the first game the player is able to deplete the Groove Meter for up to one bar, and if the Groove Meter is depleted beyond the point allowed for that stage, the player will fail the game. The charts in Freestyle mode are called CLUB charts.

Freestyle Mixing Edit

Freestyle Mixing is a free mode similar to the Freestyle modes in earlier games within the DJMax Portable series and DJMax Trilogy. The songs unlocked in Star Mixing/Pop Mixing/Club Mixing will appear in this mode.

Song ListEdit

The list of playable music includes:

Introduced in DJMAX Technika Tune Edit



Genre Composer Visualizer Vocal
Shining My Boy Ani Pop AstroKid young-in latte Jung-Eun Lee
Back To Life Western House Croove DumpingLife JC & Croove
Renovation Melodic Trance XeoN wony, ENTIA J
Take on Me House Dance Cuve
Silent Clarity Artcore Tsukasa Aki Misawa
The MAX Acid Dance ND Lee
Luv Yourself Club ND Lee moolu woodstock
A Song of Sixpence Children Pop Makou GiggSan SAREE

From previous DJMAX games Edit

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