There are two methods to unlock content in DJMAX Portable. The first method is accumulating MAX, an in-game currency that is earned everytime a song is completed. Once the player has the required amount of MAX for a certain item, that item will be available. The amount of MAX earned after a song can be increased depending on what Note is equipped. The second method is acquiring a high combo in Free Style mode, which occurs when a player fails to miss any notes. Unlike MAX, combos must be broken before the player can unlock the item that corresponds to that combo amount.

Through these methods, the player can unlock the following content: songs, gears, notes, courses in Club DJing, OST tracks, Master DJing, and content available in Gallery.


Song Artist Unlock
Piano Concerto No.1 WavFactory 11550 MAX


Image Gear Effect Unlock
PG-P HP 100 N/A
Aqua Gear HP 107 5430 MAX


Image Note Effect Unlock
Astro Note MAX 15% 9610 MAX

Club DJingEdit

Course Unlock


Song Artist Disc Unlock
BLYTHE M2U Additional 41250 MAX


Image GalleryEdit

Images are randomly unlocked via combo in intervals of 500. See DJMAX Portable/Gallery to view these images.

Media GalleryEdit

Media Unlock
DJMAX PORTABLE ~Opening Movie~ 39500 MAX


Item Unlock
Master DJing mode 2800 MAX
CnP by CrooFE Complete all four stages of Rookie DJing, Pro DJing, or Master DJing with an average of 95% accuracy or higher. This will not unlock the song in Free Style mode, only allow you to play the song as the game's credits play.