Gameplay can be customized by choosing any combination of Gear, Note, or Effectors. Gears and Notes change the appearance of the playing area and give the player a benefit when used; the former changes the amount of HP that can be depleted before the player reaches a Game Over and the latter increases the amount of MAX (the game's currency) earned after a song is completed. Effectors are alterations applied to the notes themselves and primarily serve to increase a song's difficulty. There are four types of effectors: Speed (the constant rate at which notes fall down, default is 1.0), Fader (affects the visibility of the notes), Key (affects the orientation of the notes), and Chaos (affects the rate at which notes fall down, rate is non-linear and overrides the Speed effector).

Gears and NotesEdit

See DJMAX Portable/Unlockables for a detailed list of gears and notes as well as how to unlock them.


Image Effector Effect
Speed Changes the rate at which notes fall down. Default speed is 1.0 and can be adjusted with a range of 0.5 to 5.0.