Colours of Sorrow
Tsukasa - Colours of Sorrow
Composer Tsukasa
Genre Colours POP
Visualizer(s) Shin Min Kyung, carrotjuice
Vocals nomico
BPM 143
Length 1:42
Debut DJMAX Portable Black Square
Last Seen DJMAX Technika Q

Colours of Sorrow is a Colours POP song first featured in DJMAX Portable Black Square.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other VersionsEdit

There is a Japanese and English version of the song. The Japanese vocals are featured in an extended version.


A scene in your mind
The place I could find
Feeling alone.
The rest of my hearts have been gone~
Unseenable view
Can't walk beside you
Smile for me now
And don't let it down.
See the colours of days
I will find in your face.
Take my sight away
A place for me to stay 'till the end.
In the darkness of pain
I will cry in the rain
Fading with you
Dreaming of your memory
Eternity of love.