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    Have you heard of Beatcraft Cyclon? For those uninformed, Beatcraft Cyclon is a new rhythm game series created by former Pentavision composers! New info on the game has been revealed on the Facebook page for DJMAX. According to the post...

    • Beatcraft Cyclon will be released around July 15 this year (wow!)
    • The game will start out with 50 songs
    • "Approximatively 5 songs update per month CYCLON will change" To be honest, I'm not sure what that means, but my guess is five new songs a month.
    • "Entire computer system"
    • A touch panel (like Technika) and an "I/O Board"
    • Fancy panels... and stickers!

    This game is so mysterious... we don't even know what the gameplay is like! This image of Beatcraft Cyclon looks suspiciously like a Technika machine, though...


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    Hello, fellow DJMAX fans! Have you heard the news? Today I'm here to announce that a new song pack has been released for DJMAX Technika Q! Here's the lineup:

    • End of the Moonlight, from DJMAX Online
    • Xeus, from DJMAX Technika 3
    • D2, from DJMAX Technika 2
    • Deborah, an all-new song from DJMAX Technika Q!

    I purchased this pack, so I can tell you what you want to know about this pack. All of these songs are pretty tough. We have the mighty Xeus and D2, two of the hardest songs in the Technika series! And, as you expect, they are the hardest songs in Technika Q.

    Xeus' chart was... disappointing. Sure, it was still hard as ever, but it was lackluster compared to the Technika 3 chart. Some parts were omitted and replaced with simpler chain note patterns. T…

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    Greetings, friends! I seem to be 5 days late, but I promise it won't happen again. Now for the news... A new song pack was released on June 2 for DJMAX Technika Q! Song pack 23 consists of the following songs:

    • Puzzler, from DJMAX Technika 2
    • SIN, from DJMAX Online
    • You Should Get Over Me, from DJMAX Technika 3
    • Kal_wrnw, the newest song from DJMAX Technika Q

    How exciting! Personally, none of the songs really stick out to me. I'm saving my Q for the upcoming pack, which you can view here. It is my dream pack!

    What did you think of the new song pack? Leave comments below to let me know, or message me on my message wall. Thanks!

    MissingNo.Message Wall | Contributions | The DJMAX WikiJune 8, 2014|4:50:32 PM

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