A Lie
Makou - A Lie

Makou - A Lie

Composer makou
Genre Nu R&B
Visualizer(s) ache
Vocals Lin
BPM 100
Length 2:15
Debut DJMAX Portable 2
Last Seen DJMAX Portable 2

A Lie is a Nu R&B song first featured in DJMAX Portable 2.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other VersionsEdit

Electronic Boutique arranged a "Deep Inside Mix" of A Lie.


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You and I, live in our dream
We knew the dream never come true, even if
Doesn't mean anything
I don't want to keep doing
Like this, it's so painful
I wish the time will be disappear
I wish morning won't come over ever again
Here I'm not real, I am here
You're not real, you are

In memory there is only
You and I, as you can see
Here, there is nothing between you and I